Evolution of girls’ toys

by anastarou

Evolution of girl's toys

Does this imply that:
1) we want a society where women solely do household work?
2) household work is only for girls (hence the pink color)? thus men are incapable of doing it?
3) girls only like/should like pink color?

By the way, I didn’t have any of these “girly” toys. I enjoyed playing with mini cars and fake weapons, scaring my mother that there was something wrong with me.
Actually, nothing is wrong with me. And if everything that is right with me can be attributed to the “action-toys” or “boy-toys”, I would encourage every girl’s parent never to bring the pink pictured stuff to their home.
Variety in toys is highly encouraged and parents should be aware that cooking skills are not guaranteed upon an oven-toy. Neither being a good mother is taught with a stroller-toy.

PS: The only pink toy I had was Barbie’s fuchsia convertible Jaguar, and I got very disappointed when I realized it is not a racing car.